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Gabriel Anderson
Gabriel Anderson

Azmodan22 WickedWhims Sex Animations (26.02.202...

I'm also working on others animations like you can see on the wip below. I will be a bit busy with uni stuff this month so it will take times, especially the "fucking session on bed" since I want to make it a bit longer than expected with more stages. Also, some movement are difficult to animate but I accept the challenge.The facefuck series will get his own climax later.Also there is now the first working out animation I've made, it's unfinished but it's just for testing and for your feedback. You have to install the BarbellObject on the package in order to make the animation works. Thanks for iYoS for the mesh (credit on the text file from the package), I weighted painted it so it can be animated, also the shadows on the floor I didn't have the time to look into it yet, sorry for that. This animation is a preview for what is coming in the future for my "more fitness interactions" project, it will be completely separate from wickedwhims so entirely SFW.I hope you enjoy those animations, and do not hesitate to let me now if you have issue, if you like what you see, etc.You can also join the discord server Bearhood of Steel for discussions about M/M modding in general.Do not hesitate to let a message.

Azmodan22 WickedWhims Sex Animations (26.02.202...

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