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These cookies hold their shape fabulously! They are a little heavy. Good flavour but not quite perfect taste for me.I followed the recipe exactly, weighed my ingred., except went a little light on the lemon peel. Good gingerbread cookie recipe.

I have a delicious gingerbread cookie recipe but they do spread, looking like a cross between grizzly bears and buffalo. I will try this recipe and add a pinch of cardamom. I think that's what makes my recipe taste so good.

Also, I don't think the baking powder is related to spreading since it usually just makes things fluffy. I've added 1tsp to it and the cookies turn out soft and chewy, just perfect! I'd guess that the lack of spreading is due more to slightly less molasses and butter than I've seen in other recipes. Either way, I'm amazed at how perfectly these turn out, and they keep really well too. Thanks for this!

These were by far the WORST tasting gingerbread cookies I've ever had and gingerbread cookies are my favorite. Did I do something wrong? I see everyone saying how good they were and I thought they tasted like cardboard......#gross

Made the recipe as published. Wonderful results. I really like the fact they don,t run at the edges. Out of the bowl,rolling pin, saran wrap and gingerbread men in 9 minutes. Now to decorate and make another batch.BTW can you double the recipe?

Hi Janette! The icing will depend on what kind of icing you're using, but will definitely last longer than the cookies! I'd make sure you don't make the cookies more than a few days ahead of time. Enjoy! xo

Each time I've tried gingerbread men, they spread all over the baking sheet like mad. I found this recipe and thought I'd found the solution to my problem. I followed the instructions to a T, and found myself with a dough so sticky that I couldn't even roll it, because it stuck so badly to both the rolling pin and the counter. I eventually managed to painstakingly form two baking sheets worth of misshapen (because of the sticky dough) ginger bread men, but after they were cooked, while they did keep the shape they had when i put them into the oven, they were fairly hard and dry; not a very pleasant texture at all. Also, the taste was so-so (too much ginger and not enough cloves for my taste). By comparison, the last recipe I tried (Cora's ginger men) looked absolutely ludicrous when I made them but tasted great and had a nice -- if a bit crumbly -- texture.... (Just had a look at Cora's website, and they changed the flour quantity from 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 cups flour since the screen capture I used; perhaps it's worth trying again)

I just tried these cookies, I'm a terrible baker but these were super easy and are abosulutely the best tasting gingerbread cookies I've ever had, 'my grandkids love them and they did not spread at all, I rolled the dough out to quarter of an inch, they turned our perfect.

So I just got finished making these for my daughter's first grade class. They are having a holiday party tomorrow where the one and only activity happening is decorating THESE gingerbread people. I don't know where I got the nerve to volunteer to bake all the gingerbread cookies considering I don't think I've ever made them before, and then I found this no spread recipe. The comments on this thread left me conflicted whether or not to make this recipe, but I went for it. So glad I did. It was simple. The dough came out great. The cookies are picture perfect. Please don't let the comments sway you from making this recipe. The taste/ texture, was a little different, which made me understand some of the comments, but still delicious! (I added a little nutmeg also).

Thanks for a great sounding recipe and the science behind why they won't spread or crack. I need to make a large batch for a cookie decorating class, and need to calculate how many batches I should make. Your recipe yields 24 cookies- can you tell me how thick you roll your dough and what is the approximate measurement of your cookie cutter?

They came out great! This was my first time making ginger bread men. When I first mixed them it was a little to dry. It would crumble when I tried taking it out of the bowl. I wrapped in plastic wrap and let it sit for about an hour to see if the moisture would even out and bind it better. That didn't work. So I put it back in the mixing bowl with a splash of milk. That did the trick. After rolling and cutting a bunch of cookies the scraps were starting to get a bit dry from my floured surface. I just returned them to the bowl and added a dribble of milk and mixed until it reached the right texture again. I was able to get a lot more cookies that way. I was a little unsure about baking times. I read in your comments to take them out just a little before they looked done. I had no idea what that meant since I've never made and sort of gingerbread cookie before but I just stuck with 8 minutes. It worked out perfect!! Now they're in the freezer to wait until I need them for our family cookie decorating party.

Hi Katrina! I wish I could be more helpful here, but I've actually never frozen them. Are you thinking of freezing the dough, or the finished/baked cookies? I think freezing the dough would be the better option, but then make sure it comes back to room temperature before working with it. Good luck!

Hi there, thanks for sharing the recipe. My cookies came out great in shape and flavour. At first the dough seemed wet but when I chilled it for about ten minutes, it was pleasantly pliable. Unfortunately, my cookies came out very hard. I baked them in a fan forced oven at 180 for 9-10 min. Should I be tweaking something? Thank you.

I followed the recipe and they turned out great! I did need a splash of milk. I made the dough and let my preschool class roll it and cut out gingerbread men. This dough was perfect, not too sticky or dry so it was easy for the kids to work with , I needed very little flour for rolling out the dough Thank you!

I have never attempted to make gingerbread cookies before but am so glad I tried this recipe. The one thing I didn't want were puffy looking cookies and they are not. They look absolutely perfect and dare I say professional? I took them to a party and they were all gone by the time the party was over. We loved that they were chewy and smelled wonderful. I will be putting this in with my holiday must haves.

Thank you for sharing this. We baked some of these wondeful, gorgeous cookies tonight and I could not be happier. The dough was beautiful to work with, like play dough. And the cookies are delightful to eat. It has been added to the family binder. Thank you for sharing your talent. And I had to add that your grace in the comments is impressive and inspiring.

Very forgiving recipe! I have the habit of not reading ahead and just dumping ingredients as I go down the list (did your eye just start twitching? Haha!) and these turned out as promised. I did end up adding milk, but the dough was easy to work with, and the cookies did not spread. I will be saving this in my holiday baking book!

Found your recipe and I've always wanted to try gingerbread so in the end after refrigerating and still not being able to roll it out or use the cookie cutter I decided to make gingerbread snaps because the it was too delicious to not do something with.?

Before I made these cookies, I read the recipe several times and read through all the comments. I don't usually bake, so I wanted to make sure I was going to do this correctly. I was a little worried based on the comments, so I figured I would give a full review here:

-I wanted cookies that would retain shape, as I wasn't using men for cookie cutter, but an intricate outline of my state (WV) which looks way off and just like a big blob if it expands. These definitely did that! They are definitely firm cookies, but not as hard as a gingerbread house you'd by from the store. I wanted firm cookies so this is great for me, but if you're looking for soft, chewy cookies, find another recipe.

-I broke my big refrigerated dough ball up into manageable chunks to roll out. When breaking it, the inside was a little crumbly and I was kind of worried. But as it came to room temperature, the butter inside softened and it was fine. The cookies cut excellently and did not crumble.

This recipe was one of the easiest to work with! The smell in my house on this Halloween night, just might make those goblins want cookies, instead of treats! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

I really wanted to like this recipe, especially because the cookies truly do hold their shape and do not spread out. Unfortunately, the texture was incredibly disappointing. Overall, they tasted and had the texture of stale cookies...

My secret when making cut-out sugar cookies is to make the dough and then instead of chilling it, divide it into 3 batches and roll each batch between two sheets of parchment while it's room temp and easy to roll. I use bands on my pin to ensure even thickness. Transfer the first third (rolled out, still in parchment) onto a cookie sheet and place in the freezer while you roll out the second, then stack that on top of the first in the freezer, then repeat with the third. By the time you're done rolling out the third, the first should either be ready or almost ready. It should be stiff but not frozen solid, about 15-30 minutes is usually good. Pull the fist sheet off the bottom, peel off the parchment and then place it back on lightly (otherwise it will stick when you try to pick up your shapes with the spatula), flip it, peel off the other layer of parchment, then cut out the shapes, and transfer to a baking sheet while it's cold. 041b061a72


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