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[S2E22] Bachelorette Party [Extra Quality]

These two episodes, both set right before very different weddings, are about Cece's bachelorette party and Schmidt's bachelor road trip, respectively. There are some missed opportunities for hijinks when everyone isn't together, so it's not surprising to see it at them at the low end of episodes.

[S2E22] Bachelorette Party

Both are tales of best friends trying to do right by the person about to tie the knot. In the season two episode, Jess tries to give Cece the party she's been dreaming about since she was a teenager, but Cece is nervous about Shivrang and his family, and nothing goes as planned. When Schmidt goes on a "manly" road trip courtesy of Nick for his bachelor party three seasons later, everything that can go wrong does, leading to some hilarity, but also some serious bonding between the guys.

Jess surprises Cece with a visit from her mother - and plans an elaborate engagement party with the hopes of wowing Mama P. Despite a standout musical performance by Schmidt to evoke Cece's mother's memories of her days as a Bollywood dancer, she doesn't approve of Schmidt, creating a layer of unease throughout the season as Cece continues to prepare for her big day.

Jess and Cece learn from their first attempt at a bachelorette party. Instead of Jess trying to throw Cece a wild night with the girls, they decide to hang out at the loft watching movies and doing something Jess only does once every ten years - getting high.

One way or another, the wedding is in three weeks and Jess decides she must throw her best friend a bachelorette party though technically she hasn't been crowned maid of honor. In preparation, Jess asks Nick and Winston to take Cece's fiancé, Shivrang, for a night out while she organizes the surprise party. Her use of the word "kidnap" to explain her plan throws Winston off a bit, but luckily he has Nick to set him straight.

At the loft, Jess has the bachelorette bash all set up. That includes a whole lot of pink, a bunch of Cece's model friends and Sadie, Jess' pregnant lesbian OBGYN friend (also, anyone know where Jess' bangs went?). Cece, unaware of what awaits her upstairs, heads up to Jess' with Shivrang's aunt who insists on tagging along. As luck would have it, the first thing the girls stick in her face as she walks in is a life size cardboard figure of naked Shivrang for a game of "pin the dong." While auntie whatchamacallher stares in disapproval, Cece admits to them she has yet to see her future husband's penis.

While this is going on, Nick and Winston hijack Shivrang for a very poorly planned bachelor party. While at the bar (where else would they be?), Nick gets a call from Jess asking him to snap a photo of Shivrang's penis and if he could just do it to scale, using a nickel or a big toe, that'd be great. Nick tries his best to use his "dead dad pass," but to no avail. That is his mission for the night and he is determined to see it through.

Back at the "party," G-rated barely lasts five minutes before Cece's model friends put on the slideshow Jess pulled together featuring all of Cece's most embarrassing moments. After a few unflattering photos, Auntie Whatchamacallher gets up and berates Cece for her frivolous ways. Cece, in response, tells her she didn't want any of this and this is not who she is (though it totally is). Jess gets offended and stomps off, Cece follows her, and they start arguing. Jess thinks Cece shouldn't change herself for a man, Cece thinks Jess shouldn't give her advice about men when she's caught in a 7th grade debacle with the boy across the hall. They have such a heated argument, even Alfredo the stripper gets yelled at to leave.

After the party, as Cece cleans up, Schmidt approaches her and apologizes. Seems like talking with Elizabeth gave him some perspective and he tells Cece he is sorry if he was selfish at all during their relationship (her terrific response? "What do you mean 'if,' and what do you mean 'relationship'?). Jess also tells Cece she's sorry about the whole thing and in return Cece asks her to be her maid of honor, much to Jess' delight.

Weddings across the globe have been postponed due to COVID-19. While it is imperative everybody practices social distancing, you can still celebrate your wedding with those you love from afar. Thanks to telecommunication platforms like Zoom, you can throw a bachelorette bash unlike any other! How? Glad you asked . . .

Now is the time to get creative with dress code. Perhaps the bridal party is up for wearing something kitschy, in which case you could even dress like movie characters. Get crafty! We like the idea of a massive pajama party, like the one in Grease or Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. A mattress slide and Julie Andrews serenade are optional. If you need a sweet and philanthropic pajama set, we are partial to our Charmajesty X Over The Moon pajamas. 25% of the proceeds go to New York Citymeals on Wheels.

First and foremost, change your Zoom background. We have several possible suggestions. For the bachelorettes who were supposed to be in paradise but are now stuck in quarantine, choose a background related to your original bachelorette party setting. Ladies, you were supposed to be in Palm Springs. Have the Zoom background reflect that!

Really commit to having a virtual party and do some online window shopping. The bride can give a list of her favorite online stores. Everybody pulls up these sites and has a hypothetical budget. They have twenty minutes to find the bride the best wedding gift. After the twenty minutes, everybody shares their screen and discusses what they added to their virtual shopping bags. The bride-to-be could also give a list of the weirdest online stores, and the party members have to find the tackiest gifts they can. It depends on the mood you want for your party!

"The One With The Two Parties" is the twenty-second episode of the second season of Friends, which aired on NBC on May 2, 1996. In this episode, Rachel gets a real surprise when her parents show up at her birthday party.

At Monica's new workplace, the Moondance Diner, the guys discuss Rachel's birthday. Monica wants to throw a classy party, but the others disagree. The invite list is almost made up, but on Rachel's revelation that her parents yelled at each other during her sister's graduation, Monica invites only Rachel's mother to the party to avoid conflict.

As the party's about to start, Rachel's father shows up unexpectedly. The guys hide him in Rachel's room when Rachel's mother shows up for the party. Phoebe distracts Mrs. Greene while the guys take Dr. Greene to their apartment, along with streamers from the party. Following their romantic dinner, Rachel is "surprised" to find a party for her, although not as surprised to have two parties - each of which has one of her parents.

Quickly things begin to go wrong. Monica rules over her party with an iron fist, complete with some boring games and a strict adherence to the rules. As a result, guests start abandoning the party and heading to Chandler and Joey's bash, which is a lot more fun and laid back. Meanwhile, Ross tries to bond with Rachel's parents, but makes a fool of himself. Rachel, on the other hand, has other problems on her mind, as she tries to spend time with both her mother and her father but the two find only negative things to say about each other, which is driving her crazy. When Ross goes to fetch Rachel's dad his drink, his glasses and cigarettes, Sandra spots him and recommends Rachel see a therapist (believing that Rachel chose to date a man exactly like her father).

Amazingly, despite numerous problems, the six friends manage to get both of Rachel's parents out of the parties without seeing each other. As Dr. Greene leaves Monica's, Joey turns Rachel's mom and kisses her on the lips until Rachel's dad is gone. Mrs. Greene slaps Joey lovingly on the cheek, exclaiming how this was the best party she's been to in years.

In the DDP screening room, the mothers are preparing the room for a bachelorette party for Dianna. Mimi leaves to go get Dianna in the studio, telling her that Nashamba and Rittany are fighting to hide the real reason she wants her to come to the screening room. Dianna arrives and is pleasantly surprised by the party and the cake.

When Chloe takes some time off, Lucifer is forced to work with Dan on a murder case involving a dog show. Meanwhile, Charlotte and Maze have differing ideas for Chloe's party and after a wild night, Chloe rethinks a life-changing decision.

Jess decides to throw Cece a surprise bachelorette party while Nick and Winston awkwardly take her fiance's, Shivrang, out for the night. Then, as Schmidt desperately tries to find a real girlfriend in time for the wedding in order to get a "plus one," he is forced to seek out his old girlfriend from his "fat Schmidt" college days.

Shivrang: So, if Jess is throwing Cece a surprise bachelorette party, does that make this my surprise bachelor party?Winston: You shut that pretty mouth of yours, Romeo, before I fill it with fire!Nick: Hey, you got to ease up, Winston. 041b061a72


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