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The Forgotten Battle(2020)

How I wish I would have loved this movie. War films have been a particular favourite of mine, and while the history of the second world war is perhaps the worst of humanity, it makes for a great background to complex films. The Forgotten Battle is so much of a missed opportunity, to the point where I fear it may be forgotten too.

The Forgotten Battle(2020)


The film is historically accurate and based on true events that happened during the war. Although the name is unique, the Battle of the Scheldt is not forgotten in history. It is just a piece of the war that the U.S. was not a part of and was instead led by the Canadian army. The final battle at Scheldt was typical for a beach scene which we have seen time and time again throughout all WWII movies.

A forgotten war? Not by those who fought in Korea, who suffered wounds there, were held as POWs, lost buddies or loved ones there. A memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. honors their service.

The redemptive journey of Vietnam veterans changed this point of view. As Vietnam veteran activists pushed the government and public to acknowledge their service through better care and memorialization, more Korean War veterans started to demand recognition for their service. Korean War veterans associations formed over the 1980s. By 1995, the Korean War memorial was opened. An online community for Korean War veterans was established as well. Through these efforts, Korean War veterans refuse to be forgotten. 041b061a72


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