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Best Ps4 Headset To Buy

Some gamers simply must have the latest and greatest next-gen consoles as soon as they release. However, with initial supply chain issues and a library of new titles that don't appeal to every gamer, the PS4 remains an extremely popular choice for a gaming machine. When it comes to accessories, PS4 users can experience many of the most advanced new gaming headsets on the market which offer compatibility with older consoles. The best PS4 headset options support all the audio features of the Sony console while ensuring owners are ready to upgrade to a PS5 or connect to other sources.

best ps4 headset to buy

The choices for PS4 gaming headsets include wired devices with supreme sound quality and wireless headsets with incredible battery life and low-latency connections. Once gamers decide between a wireless or wired PS4 gaming headset, their budget can then dictate whether features like active noise cancellation and RGB lighting effects are possibilities. The headsets listed here from major manufacturers such as Logitech, Razer, and Corsair include the best headset for PS4 gamers seeking clear and stable multiplayer chat with an immersive sound that brings their favorite games to life.

The Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset is a high-quality headset that is built for a new generation of gaming on the PS5 console. However, it also is the best PS4 headset, fine-tuned for 3D Audio, and features refined earpads and a headband strap for comfortable gaming. The headset has a sleek design that complements PlayStation consoles. The Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset is designed for gamers, with hidden noise-canceling microphones that allow you to chat with friends during gameplay.

The Sony headset has easy-access controls that allow you to quickly adjust audio and chat settings. The headset requires an internet connection and a PlayStation Network account to use its features. The Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset has a built-in rechargeable battery that provides up to 12 hours of wireless play. It is easy to connect to the PS5 or PS4 console using the wireless adapter, and it can also be connected to PS VR and mobile devices using the included audio cable. The built-in headset controls are not supported on PS VR and mobile devices.

While it may seem like an expensive headset for aging PS4 consoles, the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless is also compatible with the PS5, PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch through the Multi-System USB ports on the included DAC. With the DAC, users can mix multiple sources and easily switch between them as well as to mobile devices through a Bluetooth connection. The Arctis Nova Pro leads the pack of wireless PS4 headsets with an included extra battery, providing up to 36 hours of battery life.

With a high-end headset like the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless, gamers get some premium features such as active noise cancellation to block out annoying background noises. The microphone is also top-tier offering ClearCast Gen 2 which ensures that chat during multiplayer sessions is never spoiled by costly miscommunication. The booming and balanced sound combined with its ability to connect to and mix multiple sources makes the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless the best headset PS4 owners will find for wireless gaming.

The name of the DROP + Epsos PC38X headset doesn't exactly roll off tongues, but Sennheiser's rebranding of their gaming headsets is responsible for some of this awkwardness. The wired gaming headset continues the legacy of the GSP 500 and GSP 600, sharing the same drivers with the headsets praised for their audio fidelity. The over-ear open-back design of the PC38X is not only extremely comfortable, but the angled drivers play a huge role in the headset's fantastic positional audio effects during gaming. During FPS games, players are easily able to identify approaching enemies before disaster strikes.

Through a wired analog connection, the Epsos PC38X is compatible with nearly every device out there, including the PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. The wired headset is also one of the most comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions, especially with the optional velour earpads included in the box. The PC38X shines during gaming and music listening, but some buyers may lament the lack of further customization with no available PC app.

The Logitech G435 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Headset is a high-quality headset designed for comfort and versatility. It has an over-ear fit type with a frequency response of 100Hz-8KHz, and its breathable fabric earcups and comfortable memory foam padding help to keep ears cool and absorb sound waves for improved overall sound quality. The Logitech G435 has built-in dual beamforming microphones that eliminate the need for a mic arm and reduce background noise, ensuring that players can be heard loud and clear. The headset also delivers carefully balanced, high-fidelity audio with 40 mm drivers and is compatible with Dolby Atmos and Windows Sonic for a true surround sound experience.

The Logitech G435 has a long battery life, with 18 hours of playtime, allowing you to keep playing, talking to friends, and listening to music all day without needing to recharge. The headset is also more sustainable, with plastic parts made from a minimum of 22% post-consumer recycled plastic and paper packaging from FSC-certified forests. It is also certified CarbonNeutral and has an optional max volume limiter that can be activated at less than 85 decibels to protect your eardrums during extended use. Available at rock-bottom prices, the Logitech G435 is the best PS4 headset for gamers on a budget.

Sharing the same sound drivers as the Arctis 7, the SteelSeries Arctis 1 wireless headset is a chance to get high-end performance at a mid-range price. Although it comes with a USB-C wireless dongle not compatible with the PS4, SteelSeries remedies that situation with an included USB-A adapter cable. Once connected, PS4 gamers can experience the booming and crystal clear audio quality of more expensive SteelSeries headsets, as well as the rock-solid build quality with a steel-reinforced headband.

The detachable ClearCast mic is another definite highlight for the Discord-certified SteelSeries Arctis 1, although some users report that the noise-canceling features fail to filter out all background noise. The 20-hour battery life, while not in the top range of wireless headsets, will outlast similarly priced options like the Sony Pulse 3D. Adding to its value, the Arctis 1 is also compatible with PCs and Android devices through its versatile USB wireless adapter. Even with a few drawbacks, the SteelSeries Arctis 1 is the best PS4 headset for gamers looking to step up from budget wireless devices.

The 27-hour battery life of the Logitech G Astro A30 ranks among the best headsets PS4 gamers can buy who play for long hours. Users also won't experience annoying earlobe pain with plush earcups, although the overall fit may feel too snug on larger heads. The Astro A30 has passive noise isolation instead of active noise cancellation, so listeners in noisy environments may lean toward other high-end gaming headsets. Even so, with its seamless wireless compatibility to most devices and impressive battery life, the Logitech G Astro A30 offers a ton of value at a considerable price.

Too often console games feel left out of the RGB party. Fortunately, there are many gaming headsets with these lighting effects compatible with the PS4, even if customization requires additional apps. The Corsair HS80 brings the iCue RGB lighting ecosystem to console gamers, which the company employs on many of its popular keyboards and mice. The lights on the HS80 illuminate the Corsair logo, as well as the tip of the handy flip-up microphone to indicate muting or status.

Beyond its style, the Corsair HS80 pumps out enough volume to shock eardrums, and the default settings produce a well-balanced sound, if not a bit light on bass. The omni-directional microphone is broadcast-grade, meaning content creators can record in high quality when using the headset for their productions. The HS80 also takes advantage of Corsair's Slipstream wireless technology, which boasts a latency of under 1 ms and a wireless range of up to 60 feet. Overall, the Corsair HS80 wireless headset is the best headset for PS4 gamers seeking to add a little extra flashiness to their gear.

The headset is equipped with Razer TriForce 40mm drivers that provide exceptional highs, mids, and lows for a deeper gaming immersion and a more dynamic listening experience during music and videos. The Razer Barracuda X has a detachable Razer HyperClear cardioid mic that is tuned to suppress background noise for enhanced voice capture during gaming. The mic can be easily removed, making the headset more travel-friendly for mobile use. The headset also has on-headset controls that allow you to easily access buttons located underneath the earcups to control your music, videos, and calls. The Razer Barracuda X has a long battery life (50+ hours) and can be easily recharged via a USB-C port. It is designed for endurance, with a battery life that matches its versatility.

After establishing itself as a manufacturer of high-performance memory in 2002, HyperX have become makers of high-performance gaming headsets for PCs and consoles. Although the HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless clearly appeals to PC gamers, it includes a wireless USB dongle compatible with the PS4 and PS5. The HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless is a high-quality headset that is designed for gaming and offers long-lasting battery life. It has a fast 2.4GHz connection that provides wireless freedom without sacrificing audio quality, and it can last for up to 300 hours of gaming on a single charge.

The headset also has HyperX Dual Chamber Drivers, which are a groundbreaking driver system that tunes the mids and highs separately from the bass-heavy lows to deliver incredibly clear audio. The HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless is made for comfort, with plush signature HyperX memory foam and breathable leatherette that helps to keep you focused during marathon gaming sessions. It has a durable aluminum frame that helps to ensure that the headset can withstand the rigors of gaming, game after game, week after week, year after year. 041b061a72


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