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Dreambox 500s Image With Cccam Download Free LINK

In short you can receive all your favourite channels from your preferred suppliers by simply using your broadband at home. The receiver needs a sharing protocol software installed called CCcam. This is the bit of software that talks directly to our servers that hold the original satellite subscription information. Every 2-5 seconds your tv picture would be encrypted by the supplier and therefore needs the de-cryption keys. Once this happens, your receiver will talk to your providers servers to obtain the password in real time and deliver it back to your receiver. This all happens in milliseconds to make sure that your viewing pleasure is not disturbed by freezing or pixilation. There are a few providers out there and many have been tested and found to have picture freeze etc.. Then best and most recommended by our customers for service, stability & support is SatCard found Here.Setting this up on your receiver is very simple, firstly you need to install and run CCcam. You can usually download this directly by using your remote control and the update features on your receiver. Once installed you need an ftp software to add the control username and password to your configuration file. Again this is very simple, there are lots of examples on the web but SatCard send you all you need with your initial order. Once inserted; your receiver will start decrypting most of the channels that your satellite dish is able to receive. At present they have over 18 servers running thousands of customer receivers and de-crypting over 5000 channels, many in HD and certainly all of the most popular satellite services available from around the world. SatCard servers get constantly upgraded and they add new ones every 20 - 25 days. This makes sure that the quality is first class. Because of the nature of the business SatCard make sure that your identity and theirs is always secure, they house the web servers and email servers in Panama. They also utilise advanced server technology to hide the location of the main cluster by moving the traffic around the world country by country so that the location of the main cluster can not be indentified. Lastly they do not hold any data of the customers in our servers. [Back To Top]

Dreambox 500s Image With Cccam Download Free

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