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Gabriel Anderson
Gabriel Anderson

Hello, World! Solar System Books Pdf File !EXCLUSIVE!

Adorable rhyming text and a catchy story, this planet book is designed for little hands that are interested in learning all about each planet. Travel around the solar system, one planet at a time, and enjoy a party with the planets!

Hello, World! Solar System books pdf file

A great introduction to space, this adorable book shares information about space and the solar system through child-like artwork that is simple and endearing. In simple text and terms, young children can learn about their place in space and all that lies beyond the stars.

Artificial neural networks are parallel computational algorithms that can simulate very efficiently complex dynamical systems. In this work we show, by means of real-world applications, that this technique can be a useful tool in the analysis of time-series data related to climate. We study two time series: the first one characterizes the solar activity as measured by the annual mean value of the sunspot number (Wolf number); the second one is the record of summer monsoon rainfall over India. Both records are often used in the literature as benchmarks for testing new statistical techniques. From these studies we conclude that artificial neural networks can advantageously substitute conventional methods of time series analysis. Moreover, they reveal themselves as a promising way of making predictions of climatic phenomena.


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